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Welcome To Maple Grove Baptist Church's Link Page! Here you will find some of our friends in the ministry. Check back often for additional updates.

  • Calvary Baptist Church of Sanford is a Church in Sanford Maine Started by a missionary out of our Church, his name is Todd Bell, and he would love for you to visit their site...

Upcoming Events

  • Jul 9

    Prayer Band - John Fisher

    Monday, Jul 9, 2018

  • Aug13

    Prayer Band - Pastor Carlisle

    Monday, Aug 13, 2018

  • Sep10

    Prayer Band - Shane Shook

    Monday, Sep 10, 2018

  • Oct 8

    Prayer Band - Derek Fisher

    Monday, Oct 8, 2018

  • Nov12

    Prayer Band - Jimmy Smathers

    Monday, Nov 12, 2018

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