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Sermon "Abram's Experience" 4-19-09 by Pastor Carlisle
Choir Singing "What a Happy Day"
Shane Singing "I Remember The Day"
Shane Singing "He Loves Me Like I Was His Only Child"
Choir Singing "Victory Today is Mine"
Choir Singing "What A Beautiful Day"
Choir Singing "Without Him"
Sermon #153 "Going Through The Eye Of A Needle" by Pastor Carlisle 3-1-09
Choir Singing "I Shall See Jesus"
Choir Singing "Lord Lead Me On"
Shane and Maggie "It's a Tearless Place"
Sermon #150 "Seeking Spiritual Blessing" by Pastor Carlisle 2-22-2009
Sermon #148 "The Publican Salvation" by Pastor Carlisle 2-15-2009
Shane "The Next Time You See Me"
Choir Singing "Because He Lives"
Choir Singing "Heavens Jubilee"
Choir Singing "Nothing My God can't Do" 2-15-09"
Sermon #100 "Are You Frostbitten" by Pastor Carlisle 10-19-08
Choir Singing "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be"
Choir Singing "He Cared That Much For Me"
Shane "Eternity Has Just Begun"
Sermon #95 "Being Tempted By The Devil" by Pastor Carlisle 10-5-08
Choir Singing "His Love Lights The Way"
Choir Singing "Love Is Why"
Choir Singing "If That Isn't Love"
Shane-"No Other Name"
Sermon #64 "Has Anything Changed" by Pastor Carlisle 7-13-08
Choir Singing "When He Calls I"ll Fly Away"
Choir Singing "Till The Storm Passes By"
Choir Singing "My Lord"
Men's Quartet "Blood Washed Band"
Sermon #62 "Being Free Indeed" By Joe Bryant 7-6-08
Choir Singing "He's My King"
Choir Singing "What a Lovely Name"
Choir Singing "He Lives"
Caleb Smith Singing "I saw the Father in my Daddy"
Sermon #57 "Godly Fathers" by Pastor Tommy Carlisle 6-15-08
Choir Singing "Come Into The Ark"
Choir Singing "City Of Gold"
Sermon #3 "Let's Get The Shout Out Of Here" by Pastor Tommy Carlisle 2-3-08
Sermon #194 "Listen to God" by Pastor Tommy Carlisle 1-13-08
Sermon #195 "Rules to Live By" by Pastor Tommy Carlisle 1-13-08
Sermon #196 "Nobody Going Nowhere" by Missionary Marvin Cook 1-16-08
Choir Singing "I'm Living in a New World"
Choir Singing "This Same Jesus"
Choir Singing "He'll Take Me Through"
Sermon #192 "How to Have a Great 2008" By Pastor Tommy Carlisle 1-6-08
Sermon #183 "Jesus - Son of God" By Pastor Tommy Carlisle 12/9/2007
The Crayon Song - Childrens Choir
God Can Do Anything - Childrens Choir

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